What is Thinking About?

In 2018, Jonathan Berk and Ryan will be embarking on a journey of self discovery and discussion. Well, at the very least they are going to be discussing things in podcast form. The goal for the podcast is to give these two friends an outlet for their many thoughts and comments on a variety of topics. They're both teachers. They're both self proclaimed philosophers. They're supporters of the arts and pop culture. Really, they're both nerds and talking for hours on end about the various things that they're passionate about excites them.

Thus, Thinking About will launch in a bi-weekly format. Most episodes will be in two parts with a single topic being the focus for each episode. However, the goal of the podcast is to allow the two to explore various so they may alter the format as needed. Either way, stay tuned to the channel and get ready for an adventure into the minds of these individuals.

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